What is Arthola?

Upload & Share Art

We believe that all artists, professional or amateur, should be paid for their talent and effort.

No matter who you are, what counts is the pictures you upload and the attention they generate.

You will be rewarded with real cash for like$ you get at Arthola.

How to Earn Like$?

Like$ are awarded by our members for pieces of art they like.

Each day we provide confirmed members with 10 like$, so they can award other fellow art contributors.

Art at Arthola

Art is not just content at Arthola.

Art is displayed on millions of devices and smart TVs, serving as large digital canvases.

Your art could end up being in a hotel lobby in Shanghai, conference room in New York, or simply in a home in Vienna.

Showcase Your Artwork

ArtHola is a totally free art sharing platform.

Unlimited cloud space.

Build and manage your user.arthola.com portfolio with ease.

Global Exposure

Present your portfolio on millions of smart devices.

Your art could be viewed in a hotel lobby in Hong Kong or a conference room in New York.

Share your art with the world and get the recognition you deserve.

Share or Stay Private

Arthola converts the black screens of smart TVs in large digital canvases.

Be a curator yourself and make collections for other art lovers' enjoyment.

Create private community of art enthusiasts sharing same taste and passion. All art is welcome!

Enjoy Arthola Art Collections

Select from 1000s of visual artworks of masters, unknown artists, or simply pictures provided by your friends.

View art on all your devices, such as tablets, computers, mobile phones and smart TV.

Convert the black screen of your smart TV into a large digital canvas via Arthola TV app.

Curated Collections for All Tastes

View Arthola members' hand-picked collections and follow them as they develop and grow.

Be a curator yourself and make your own public collections for other art lovers' enjoyment. Get followed!

Create a private community of art enthusiasts sharing same taste and passion. All art is welcomed!

Your TV as a Digital Canvas

Convert any TV into a smart art device through ArtHola TV App.

Enjoy favorite art or photography in full-size HD or 4K crystal clear quality.

1000s of Masterpieces at Your Finger Tips

Enjoy on your TV 1000s of visual artworks of masters, unknown artists, or simply photographies provided by your friends.

We work with many museums to provide you invaluable masterpieces in the highest digital quality.

Most Smart Devices Covered

We support most popular Android based brands including Samsung, LG, Sony, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, among others.

We work hard to expand ArtHola coverage to Apple TV and other popular TV platforms.

Sell Your Artworks, Reprints or Digital Files

Some people enjoy viewing artworks on their smart TVs and digital devices!

Others love to have the original piece of work, reprinted on canvas or just the digital file.

Are you ready to sell? Publish your price and expect to receive potential interest. Buyers and sellers negotiate and deal directly. No commissions!

Negotiate the Price for the Art You Want

ArtHola provides art lovers and artists with direct communication channel.

Express your purchase intention to your favourite artist and negotiate all transaction terms directly. Arthola doesn't charge any fees! You get the art piece you want and the artist collects 100 % of the price you agreed on.

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