Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the collection of art that I can choose from?

You can make selections from 1000s of visual art pieces of masters, unknown artists or simply pictures provided from your friends and family. We work with many museums around to world to provide you access to some of the best know pieces of art. At the same time, we grant all our users with rights to share their own art. Essentially you can put together My Collection based on what you like.

What form of art can I select from?

We welcome all forms of art, from paintings and pictures to culinary art, body piercing and crafts, and everything in between. Please browse through our many Collections and make your selection.

Where can I view the art?

You can enjoy our service on all of your smart devices, such as tablets, computers, mobile phones, and smart TVs. We designed the service specifically for smart TVs, as you can use yours to view art in crystal clear quality. We strictly monitor the quality of the uploaded files to provide you with impeccable service. If we detect a file which is not upto our standards for big TVs we would restrict it for viewing to only your followers and in some cases to yourself.

Which TV brands are you competible with?

We work with most popular smart TV brands, such as Samsung, LG, Apple TV, etc. Generally our platform supports Android and OiS operating systems.

Do you support different TV sizes?

Yes, we support all sizes TVs. However, they have to be 16x9.

Why do you support only 16x9 scale TVs?

As almost all TVs are manifactured in the 16x9 scale, we developed our app for this scale only.

Can I create an automatic playlist to be displayed on the smart TV?

YES, you have various options to choose from when creating your playlists, essentially representing My Collections.

What do I need to get started?

You need to create and account. You also need to install our app on your smart TV. You only need to create an account once. Your account will be accessible with the same information and features on all your devices.

Can I use your service if I don't have a smart TV?

Absolutely YES! Smart TV is only needed for enhanced user experience. All our services, incuding uploading, sharing, following, browsing, making money, etc. are accessible via all your devices.

Can I follow a Collection?

Yes, you can add other user's Collection to your profile so you can enjoy it every time you wish. In this way, you will also get automated updates of the Collection.

You can also follow a particular user or just add a piece of art to your own Collection.

What is the difference between follow and add to My Collection?

You can follow a user or a Collection, and get an up-to-date information about changes to all user's Galleries and Collections or just to the Collection you follow.

You can add any piece of art to your own Collection for easy access and viewing.

What is My Gallery?

My Gallery is where you upload your art. You can create as many galleries as you want and upload as many pieces of art in each gallery as you need. You can grant sharing rights both for your uploaded art and for the entire gallery. You can edit and delete Gallery names and sharing rights at any time.

What is My Collection?

My Collection is where you add pieces of art that you enjoy, both your's and other artists.

You can have as many Collections as you please and have as many pieces of art in each Collection as you need. My Collections represent essentially art that you added while browsing our platform. My Collections are visible to other art lovers to enjoy and follow, unless you restrict privacy via sharing settings. My Collections are users friendly and provide the best way to display art on smart TVs, providing you with different rotation options and other preference selections.

What is My Likes page?

My Likes is a page in your public profile showing a complete list of all pieces of art that you liked in the past. We believe this to be a helpful tool for easy and quick reference to the art you liked. What you like is who you are! We make this page public by default, but you can restrict this by limiting the sharing rights.

What is the difference between My Gallery and My Collection?

You upload your art pieces in My Gallery. You can create as many galleries as you want and you can place as many uploads in each gallery as you need. You choose privacy settings of My Gallery based on the sharing rights you grant.

While browsing other users' art you can pick and choose the pieces you enjoy, and you can add them in My Collection. You can create as many collections as you want. You choose privacy settings of My Collection based on the sharing rights you grant.

You can easily view My Galleries and My Collections on your smart TV.

Who can I share my art with?

You can share your uploads with the world, with your followers and with particular users. You can also make exceptions. For example, you can share uploads with all your followers, except with certain user(s).

Sharing rights could be granted for each upload and/or for each Gallery, which is a combination of multiple uploads.

Sharing rights could also be restricted for My Collections and My Likes pages in my profile.

Who can see my profile?

Your profile is public. Other art lovers could see and enjoy your uploads on My Gallery page, the art you selected on My Collection page and the art you liked on My Likes page. You can restrict the general public from viewing any of the above via sharing rights settings. Your followers and users you follow, as well as some general statistical information is public.

You can restrict, if you so wish, other art lovers to have access to your uploads. Your uploads are yours, and you have full rights who can view them. However, not sharing your uploads limit you to generate likes and get rewarded for your art. You generate likes only for your uploads.

Who can see My Collections?

You select who can view My Collections. Your profile is public but you can restrict the access to My Collections, via sharing rights settings.

Unless restricted, My Collections could be seen by your followers, their followers and everybody who visits your public profile. Art lovers could also select to follow a Collection of yours that they enjoy. This way, they will automatically get your most up to date Collection(s).

How can I share my personal pictures with my family ONLY?

You want to share your family trip high quality pictures with your parents in Florida and your friend in Hong Kong. After the upload of your full size photos, you simply grant sharing rights only to the users you wish. Your pictures remain with the privacy you want, and your family members can enjoy viewing them on their large screen smart TVs. Nobody else will have access to your pictures.

Can I upload pictures which are not mine?

We provide art display service rewarding artists for their creativity and talent. You should upload only your own pieces! If you upload somebody's piece of art without author's concent and claim it as yours, your account could be terminated and all your earning cancelled.

However, if you are representing a gallery, for example, and you have the consent of the artist, you can upload the art and promote it via our platform.

I have a small gallery, can I upload pictures of the paintings in My Gallery?

Yes, you can if you have the consent of the authors. All uploads are subject to our terms of service.

What if the quality of my art is not good enough?

We have developed certain automated procedures to check the quality of your pictures. Upon upload all pictures will come with a reference for the maximum TV size they are suitable to display on. Of course, the process is not bullet proof, so you can manually correct the reference.

Where is my art displayed?

Your art will be visible to the users you grant access to. After upload, you will have the option to select all sharing settings. To make your pictures and works popular, we advise you not to restrict the visibility and keep them open to the world. This way, your art could be promoted and viewed, for example, on the large TV display in a top hotel lobby in London or Dubai.

Can I crop pictures to the size and detail I prefer?

You can crop pictures both, when you place them in My Collection, so that you view a prefered part of the original and when you upload your own pictures so that you present your art in the way you would like users to view it. Please note that during crop display quality may be reduced.

What are auto tags?

When you upload pictures we use sofisticated process to analyze the image and automatically create relevant tags. You can add additional tags and/or remove auto tags that you don't consider relevant. We highly advise you to use tags during upload because we use them for relevant searches.

Is administrator approval required for picture uploads?

In very rare circumstances when our auto tag algorithms detect certain images related to adult nature and/or other inappropriate content, we may postpone the image availability until administrator approval. We apologies if this delay creates any inconvenience. We would like to make our service available to the general audience and sometimes our auto tag system may not work properly. If your uploaded picture is flagged by other users, our administrator approval is once again required.

How exactly do I get compensated for my art and pictures?

We believe that all artists, professional or amateur, should be compensated for their talent and effort. We consider all internet users as artists. No matter who you are, what counts is the work you upload and the attention it generates. You will be rewarded with 1 cent for like$ you get.

What are like$?

Like$ are awarded by our confirmed members for pieces of art they like. Each day, confirmed members are provided with 10 like$ (for a total of 3,560 like$ per year, equivalent to $35.60), so they can award other fellow art contributors with them.

How are like$ different from regular likes?

Like$ are special, because they have monetary value. At this stage, like$ have a value of 1 cent. You can award a total of 10 like$ per day. Please value your like$ and award them with care.

Regular likes are unlimited and you can like as many pieces of art as you wish. Your likes do not have monetary value.

What is a confirmed member?

All members who have completed the registration of their payment accounts with us are confirmed members. To become a confirmed member you have to request a payment to be made to your alipay/wechat/paypal account. Once you confirm the payment of the small amount received from us, you become a confirmed member and you are ready to receive regular payments.

We do not collect data of your bank accounts, debit or credit cards. At this stage we work only with alipay, wechat and paypal. All we need is for you to use with us the same email/phone that you use with your prefered payment provider.

How do I award like$?

Once you are confirmed member, $ will appear on the pieces of art that you visit. You can award upto 10 likes$ each day.

Why do I get compensated for like$ and not for other user attention?

Views, TV displays and rotations are hugely important and in many cases are more relevant to the quality and likeability of your work. However, we believe that like$ represent the positive experience of the general audience, hence our desire to reward your talent based on the like$ your work generates.

Why do I get monetary compensation for my art and pictures?

In our platform, art is not just content, art is also art displayed on millions of devices and smart TVs, serving as large digital canvases. Your art could end up being displayed in a hotel lobby in Shanghai, conference room in New York, or simply in a home in Vienna (depending on the sharing rights you grant during upload). We believe that you should be rewarded if you are liked. We work nonstop to make sure we generate enough revenue to provide for the compensation you earned.

Do I get compensated for all uploads?

You get compensated for the generated like$ across all uploaded pieces of art.

How can I actually get paid?

All like$ you generate accounts for 1 cent each, which will be credited in your account. Once you reach a minimum of $50 in your account, you can request a payment to be made to your paylal, wechat or alipay account. There is an administrative charge of $5 for each payment request.

How did you choose to pay 1 cent for like$ and not other amount?

We believe that users should be rewarded for their uploads - this is their work and their content, and if it's liked it should be rewarded. We intend to monetise the service via sponsors and advertisers. At this stage, most of the money is secured by our investors. Once we increase our revenue, the payments to our fellow contributors will change.

Can the payment for like$ in the future change?

We expect the payment to change once more advertisers are secured and the revenue generated is increased.

Can I generate like$ via linked or multiple accounts?

We work constantly to secure the payments to our users and it is not fair to them, if we pay for fake and/or manipulated like$. Hence, if our systems detect that like$ are generated via multiple and/or linked accounts belonging of one or more people, we will reject the payment.

Do you have limits for the likes I can make?

The first 10 like$ each day will count towards monetary rewards to other fellow art providers. In essence, we provide you with a daily allowance of 10 like$ with monetary compensation that you can reward other users with. This is $35.60 per year that you can disribute to other fellow art uploaders. You can like as many pieces of art as you want. Regular likes do not have monetary value.

Do you have a limit for the like$ I can generate?

Certainly, there is no limit on the number of likes you can generate. Both, regular likes and paid like$ will be accounted for.

Can I have more then one account?

Only one account per user is allowed. If we detect multiple accounts linked to the same user we will reject payments. You can use your account on as many devices as you desire.

Can I support myself as an artist through your service only?

Our service is intended to promote art through sharing on millions of smart TVs used as large digital canvases. Even if you just enjoy taking pictures or you are a small tattoo artist your visual art could be presented in high profile lobbies and offices so you get the recognition you deserve. In this process you will also get rewarded by our platform for all the like$ you generate. We work around the clock to be able to secure this reward. However, our platform is not intended to financially support your daily needs. It's just a small extra payment to thank you.

At the same time, through our platform, you could make popular your art and monetize it in many other ways.

Why do you support payments via PayPal, Wechat pay and Alipay only?

In order to minimise payment expenses, maximize your reward, and provide a great service, we work with these highly reputable payment providers.

Why can't I change my email/phone combination that I have registered?

You should register the email address and/or phone number that you use with one of our three payment providers, if you would like to receive payments from us. We do not allow changes in the email/phone number. No exceptions are allowed!

How much does you service cost?

The service is absolutely FREE. We work hard to provide you with what we intend to be the biggest online gallery in the world for professional and amateur art! Even more, you can freely upload and distribute your own photographs and other art on our platform and enjoy our payment schedule.

I am not a professional artist. Can I use your service?

Absolutely yes! If you are one of us, art lovers, this is the service you would enjoy.

Can I provide my contacts in my profile so other members can reach me?

We do not share personal information publicly. We do not include your contact data on your public profile page. However, if you choose so, you can make your contact data public by incuding it in your profile picture and/or your biographical information.

Can I contact other art lovers via the platform?

Our platform doesn't support message boards and comments. You can promote your art via your own You can share your passion with the world. To enable art lovers to get in touch with you, you need to include your contact information in your profile picture and/or your bio information.

Can I include my signature on my art?

Yes, you can. Bear in mind that by doing so, you may limit the number of art lovers who will select to view your art on their smart TVs. In our experience, many people do not like pictures with signatures. This is your art and your decision to make.

Can I sell my art on the platform?

We believe in digitally presented art. Our motto is "art not shared is merely a piece of work". We do not facilitate art sale on our platform. However, if you so wish, you can conduct your own transactions with other Internet users via privately negotiated financial means outside of our platform.

What is the picture quality that you require?

There is no particular size limit of the pictures we require. The goal is for the photos to be with high resolution, so that fellow art lovers could enjoy them displayed on large TV screens. The quality is important and we respect that. We present the picture file without reducing it, the same way you uploaded it.

If our automated system detects that your file is of poor quality, you may be restricted in granting access to that particular piece of art.

How do you protect my high resolution photo from being freely downloaded?

The highest resolution photo is only shown via our smart TV app. In all other circumstances, users view a resized version of the file. We take your art very seriously and do everything we can to protect it.

Can I support myself as an artist through your service only?

Our service is intended to promote art through sharing and millions of smart TVs used as large digital canvases. Even if you just enjoy taking pictures or you are a small tattoo artist your visual art could be presented in high profile lobbies and offices so you get the recognition you deserve. In this process you will also get rewarded by our platform for all the likes you generate. We work around the clock to be able to secure this reward. However, our platform is not intended to financially support your daily needs. It's just a small extra payment to thank you.

What is flagging a picture?

Every user can flag a picture, in which case the picture will be temporarily hidden from public viewing. Upon administrator review, the picture will be reinstated or permanently banned.

In case of multiple unreasonable picture flaggings, the user's account doing the flagging may be suspended. Please use common sense judgment when flagging pictures - do not flag unreasonably pictures of other fellow art lovers.

In case of multiple reasonable picture flaggings, the user's account uploading the pictures may be suspended! Please use common sense judgement when uploading pictures - all pictures need to be suitable for general public viewing.

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